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Well-Designed Mobile Apps Based on Business Strategy

A mobile app may not be the first thing you think of when coming up with a digital marketing strategy, but in recent years mobile apps have taken the online marketing sphere by storm. An app allows you to make life easier for your customer and provide something of value. With the popularity of apps ever-increasing, it won’t be long until mobile apps are a requirement for a successful online presence. At Innov8Web, we offer:

  • ­The design of mobile apps that directly connect with your audience.
  • ­Beautiful and modern designs that stand out
  • ­Apps that boost your sales with strategically built user experiences.

When designing a mobile app, you need to ensure that the app you are creating is easy to use, has purpose and has quick loading times. Don’t settle for a mediocre app, rather go to the experts to offer your customers something truly outstanding!

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The first step in our app design process is getting to know your brand. We explore what your brand has to offer, as well your ethics, values and identity. We use your current marketing material as information and chat to one or two of your team members about the direction you want to take with your mobile app.

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In our second phase of mobile app design, we use the information that we have accumulated in our research to start creating rough sketches of potential mobile app designs. Mobile apps should have one main focus, which our team will hone in on and create a few other elements branching from the base idea.

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Here we move our designs and sketches to the digital sphere and create the framework of your app. We’ll decide how the user could interact with each element and interface, and ensure that there are no aspects that we may have overlooked. Once we have the structure of your app mapped out we can move onto design.

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Once the structure and framework of your app is mapped out, we can move onto design and color. This step is very enjoyable for us as we get to add all the design elements and finishing touches that make your app eye-catching and unique. With our expert designers in charge, you’re sure to have maximum downloads.

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In the final stages, we’ll put all the finishing touches on your app and then put it through a series of tests to ensure it works perfectly. You’ll be able to make any last-minute requests before launching it onto the market for your audience to enjoy!

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